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So apart from a combined total of 40 years of experience teaching different languages in different nations - adapting to the needs of different cultures and different learning styles, we have various professional qualifications, including:

  • CertTESOL – Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (Trinity College London)
  • Doctorate in Comparative Literature (Italian and French)
  • Laurea in Lingue
  • Cambridge CAE, CPE
  • Mother Tongue/Bilingual English and French

Yes, but what does this really mean?

Well what it means is that we have developed strategies that work for Italians wanting to learn English.

Strategies, based on a recognition that adopting a 100% Anglo Saxon teaching style can be confusing for some people, whereas the Italian methodology can be ineffective for a language that is not Italian, for example the tendency to translate between languages, which defeats the purpose of the learning process and kills confidence.

Where are we?

Our Language Centre currently serves the area of North West Rome - Olgiata, La Storta, Formello, Cesano, La Giustiniana and around. For details see our Contacts page.


Maria Antonietta Varverakis Mullens

Born and bred in an international family. Studied in Italy (Doctorate in Comparative Literature "summa cum laude"), France and England. Married and lived in the UK for 20 years where she taught a wide variety of subjects, in international schools, companies, and privately to all age groups. She  has also been a guest lecturer at the Italian Cultural Institute in London.

Maria Antonietta is a CertTESOL qualified teacher and is particularly interested in the practice and application of English Language teaching in different cultural environments.

She has seven cats, two children and a husband.

Email: mamullens@englishinsideout.com

David Mullens

David has long experience working in an international environment, having had board level appointments in Multinationals across Europe, with latterly responsibility for 700 staff and a $70m new business budget. Eschewing the corporate life, he now works as a business consultant and change leader for a variety of different European companies.

David specialises in cultural issues as a block to success and Social Media Sales enabled organisations.

Email: davidmmullens@englishinsideout.com
LinkedIn: http://it.linkedin.com/in/mullens
Twitter: david_mullens

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