English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age


All Levels
  • Beginners,
  • Elementary,
  • Intermediate (Lower, Standard, Higher),
  • Advanced
We are able to support adult learning from the most basic levels, to the most advanced - those in a position to need to demonstrate the highest levels of accademic achievement - for instance University Students needing to deliver a Thesis in English

Short Courses
We also offer a series of Short courses for those
  • too busy or too uncertain to commit to a full series of lessons
  • wanting to revise some aspect of the language

What’s different

Our philosophy as always is on learning by
  • Understanding not translation
  • Correct pronunciation
  • Correcting problems acquired in school

To support this we use
  • a wide variety of original materials to make learning interesting & fun
  • the computer and Internet resources
  • Learning materials from Cambridge, Oxford, BBC and home grown.
  • Games, Songs (yes for adults too), Laminates, Flashcards, Newspapers and short clips,
  • Homework and corrected exercises
  • Supported by Bespoke Internet Material, learning & revision notes

Essentially, with us, the learning process is effective, accurate and above all satisfying, just as the days of the traditional classroom are becoming redundant.