English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

Activities for Adults

Full Day Immersion (half to full day Sat/Sun)
  • Full Day Immersion all in English
  • Open Air classes (Classroom for bad weather)
  • Home cooked traditional English Lunch
  • Activities supporting structured learning
  • In the countryside outside Rome with easy access
  • Practice and Feedback
  • Business English as an option

Business Immersion day
  • As for Full Day Immersion but with emphasis on Business English with a British Company executive
  • Cultural issues,
  • Presentations,
  • Business Manners,
  • Critical Language Issues,
  • The issues with Maccheronic English in the multinational

1 or 2 week Full Immersion
  • With a recognised school in the UK
  • Can be accompanied
  • Different options available