English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

Sample Lessons

The Queen's Breakfast Tray

(Higher Intermediate / Advanced, Lesson No. 20)

Objective: to scrutinise and analyse the English way of life through behaviours, culture and tradition.

Benefit: Acquired and practiced new idioms of a sophisticated language.

The lesson is centred around a newspaper article (Daily Telegraph) which describes how the Queen has breakfast, contrasting this with the habits of the different classes and showing – perhaps surprisingly – the thrift she adopts in day to day life.

I’ve got news for you

(Lower Intermediate, Lesson No. 7)

Objective: to practice spoken language using new words and expressions learned during the lesson.

Benefit: Gives confidence in telling simple stories and describing situations

Listening comprehension, conversation and speaking. Using handouts the students are encouraged to describe scenes in English

Stage 1 - Pictures
  • The students are divided into groups and given four pictures showing different stages of an event
  • They have to arrange the pictures into an order to make a story
  • They then describe, out loud, the events according to the chosen order of the pictures and the overall story they make.
  • The groups then compare their stories and talk about the pros and cons of their interpretation
Stage 2 - Association
  • A handout is then given with the same pictures on it
  • The groups have to correctly associate a short title with each picture.
Stage 3 - Listening & exercises
  • The students listen to the real story
  • Gap filling exercise
  • 1st Comprehension exercise
  • The story is listened to again
  • 2nd Comprehension exercise – true or false
  • to check if their interpretation is the correct one