English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

All the following courses are for Intermediate or Advanced level students.

Business English Full Course - (20 lessons)
This course provides an introduction to the language used in business situations and the culture behind it.

Intermediate Business English (10 lessons)
An intermediate level course that teaches and practices language used in a Business context.

Talking Business (4 lessons)
This advanced course provides useful language to improve your English speech in a variety of Business situations such as telephoning, meetings, presentations and negotiations.

Getting a job (5 lessons)
This advanced course tackles the issues of finding a job 'Anglo-Saxon style', from searching, preparing your CV (with covering letter) to the interview itself.

This can include practice interviews with a British manager.

Understanding Anglo Saxon Companies
This course is designed to take you on the first steps towards understanding management culture in Anglo Saxon companies, what drives management, what you can expect from the people, the kinds of processes most larger companies have, what drives sales.

A guru's view
One British Management Guru's view of the most important Management Thinkers that have shaped Anglo Saxon business culture in recent years.