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Sample Lesson - Children 4-12

This ever popular lesson helps younger children to gain speed when spelling and to understand and use the correct pronunciation.

It is highly interactive and game-like helping make the lesson fun.

The children are encouraged to spell words out loud using a competitive game called “the fishing game”.

Stage 1

  • Children are divided into two groups each and given a pack of alphabet cards
  • The teacher asks the children to pick cards from the pack then to use them to form common words (3 letters, 4 letters…)
  • The alphabet cards are then removed

Stage 2

  • The fishing game pack is then brought out
  • The groups of children are then asked to select one chosen word each from the fishing game pack
  • They then have to take turns using magnetic fishing rods to get letters to spell the word.
  • The group that spells its word first is the winner

Stage 3

  • Draw the pictures and write the words to reinforce without translation.

Repeat using words of 4 letters…

This is just one of 40 lessons available at the Fun for Kids level, for more details feel free to contact us.