English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

Children 4 to 12 (Cambridge)

Nursery / Beginners    4-6

Fun for Kids
Fun for Kids Plus

The objective of the course is for the children to get used to unfamiliar sounds and be able to reproduce them.

This is a great opportunity to learn the correct pronunciation of a variety of words that are often mispronounced, to listen  to the sounds of British English in a very friendly atmosphere using different activities that will ensure the complete involvement of the learners and making learning itself fun and enjoyable.

Starters     7-8

Fun for Starters   
Fun for Starters Plus

The objective of the course is to develop vocabulary, grammar and good learning habits and skills for this age group.

All the activities aim to practise English in a meaningful way by focusing and emphasising the areas that are most likely to cause problems for young learners at this level.

The variety of activities is such that the full involvement and enjoyment of the learners are assured

Movers     9-10

Fun for Movers
Fun for Movers Plus

The objective of the course is to consolidate  and push forward what learned.

Different activities will guarantee the constant practise of the more familiar and less familiar words. Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking added to Dictation and Games will be used to reinforce revision and learning ensuring an enjoyable immersion in the language dealt  with the presented topic.

Flyers    10 – 12

Fun for Flyers
Fun for Flyers Plus

The objective of the course is to expand the vocabulary so that the learners are able to talk, listen and write about a greater variety of topics in a more confident way.

The material and its format  goes hand in hand with the strategies that will help the learner to use the language in a very effective and independent way, giving confidence and enjoyment through the whole learning process.