English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

So how are we different?

How are we different?
Lessons must be and are fun – we use all sorts of materials and learning aids – avoiding “THE ENGLISH LESSON”

Material is virtually all new, not available elsewhere.

There are lots of books and CDs etc around; our secret is how to get the best out of them - to get the best out of you.

We reinforce learning using the internet as an additional resource.

We focus on essential pronunciation and comprehension using our own material adapted for student needs

What they say

“I've never met any teacher that goes into such depth as you” –  Entrepreneur.

“Nobody does what you do” – University Student and a Journalist that had followed different courses at 2 of the best known International English Language schools.

“You know, my children are getting there! Not only are they able to read in English but they are also grasping the language without translating” – Mothers of Children aged 7 and 8.

“Voglio fare minimo due ore” from a Child of 10 years after only the first lesson.

“The lessons were fabulous, our English has improved, become more spontaneous” University Student.

“Thanks to you my marks have improved from 4 to 7 in just 6 months” – High School Student.

(For reasons of privacy, names cannot be disclosed)

Sample lessons

To help you see some of the ways in which our lessons are different, we include a few example lesson plans (Adults,Children).