English Inside Out

English for the Digital Age

Short Courses
All the following courses are for Intermediate or Advanced level students and are intended for reinforcement, revision or for those too busy to commit to a full course.

Around and About in London (6 lessons)
An intermediate course to practice your reading, listening and pronunciation skills while also learning useful things about getting around London, booking hotels, going to the cinema shopping and eating out

English Shorts(4 lessons)
An intermediate course providing short topical pieces about aspects of English and its usage.

Express English (4 lessons)
An intermediate level course using video clips to ask questions about everyday life and people - as a means of promoting discussion.

Idioms (up to 4 lessons)
Intermediate and Advanced.

Puzzled when people talk about 'making a mountain out of a molehill' or wondering what currency 'an arm and a leg' is?

Want to know what some of the more common English idioms mean? This course is for you.

Letters and Emails
Email and letter writing etiquette.

False Friends
Simpatia and Sympathy. Those words we think we know but actually cause confusion as their meaning can be totally different.

Words which work together: "hustle & bustle", "peace & quiet"

British Culture
A first introduction into some of the kinds of behaviour you may find in the UK and some of the faux pas to avoid.

Connections and Phrasal Verbs
Phrasal verbs often give great difficulty, involving as they do two interconnected words that combined can change meaning totally. This advanced course deals with some of them and adopts an approach that simplifies learning.