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Want to supercharge your children's careers? Want them to go to a UK or other English speaking University? It is absolutely possible. Have a look at the paper we have written about this and discuss it with us.

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So many schools, so many claims, but is that offer of € 8 an hour a good one? How do you tell the difference between good and bad?.

Why is our slogan: "English for the Digital Age"?
There are two reasons:

Firstly The Internet is a hugely valuable resource, that we have invested considerable time in researching - thus an integral part of our methodology is in guiding you to Internet material which supports you or your children's specific learning needs.

So, for example, if you are in business, there are a significant number of websites (but not just websites, also specific material) that we can guide you to that will help equip you with English as spoken in companies.

Secondly Consider this example: there are about 1 million articles on Wikipedia in Italian, whereas there are 4.1 million articles in English. This is only the tip of the English language Internet Iceberg. Clearly anyone wanting to learn has an advantage if they can navigate, browse and understand English.

Well, we use the Computer and Internet in a good number of our lessons, and of course use an English technical vocabulary. Really for anyone serious about learning or researching on the Internet, English is essential, but it is better if you also know the evolving version of English used on the Internet...

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    In these pages we will tell you a little bit about ourselves, our courses and how they are different.

    We offer language training for all ages using our own learning material and the most up to date methodology currently available. We pride ourselves particularly on the ability of our students to learn rapidly based on understanding new language directly - not by textbook translation. You will find the results to be remarkable.

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